Collective Bargaining Agreement Afl

For the 2021 AFL season, a new collective agreement has been introduced, which aims to reduce primary lists to 38 and player payments. After months of discussions between the league and the AFL Players Association, the parties finally confirmed Friday that a new collective agreement had been reached for 2021. Under the agreement, the lists have been reduced, with at least 37 players and a maximum of 44 players. Player payments fell by 9% in 2021, although current players will lose only 3.5 percent of their salary next year. The discrepancy between these two figures is the result of a reduction in the salaries of incoming policyholders, the grinding of list sizes and the termination provisions of contracts. With out-of-contract stars Dustin Martin, Josh Kelly and Nat Fyfe already the subject of a multi-million euro offer, League boss Gillon McLachlan welcomed the collective bargaining agreement by proposing that the extra money reward superstar talent. On Monday, the league will hold virtual question-and-answer sessions with the list managers of the 18 clubs – in three groups of six – to clarify the details of the revised CBA, with the issue of the return match likely being discussed according to the sources. The new CBA will not be blocked until 2021, although the League and the union have committed to work together on a new agreement for the period 2022-2024. The AFL and AFLPA have also agreed on provisions that could result in a decrease or increase in the player payment pool for 2021, depending on whether industry revenues are above expectations or well below expectations. Contract negotiations with this year`s players have been halted by the confused transfer of the new collective agreement, but they can now continue. The AFL and the AFL Players` Association have agreed to amend the collective agreement for 2021 in response to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and have also agreed to develop a new agreement for the period 2022-2024.

The AFL and the AFL Players` Association have agreed on a revised compensation agreement for 2021. As part of the revised agreement, the AFL and AFLPA also agreed to establish a working group to explore future revenue-generating opportunities, such as revised play and revised rules for independent agreements and trade restrictions for players.