Federal Interagency Agreement Template

The department is also responsible for consulting and approving all types of division agreements. The most frequently used contractual formats are: NOTE: Agreements are subject to legal review and approval in accordance with your office`s guidelines and procedures. For information on the correct contract format, please contact the General Law Department at (202) 482-5391. Find federal forms and requests by agency name on USA.gov. (2) The Coast – Geodetic Survey Act (883rd) Agreement (Federal Agencies) authorizes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to enter into agreements with a state or sub-branch, a federal authority or a public or private organization or a person for investigations, investigations and other activities authorized by law. (5) The Federal Model Agreement /(Non-Federal Model Agreement) relates to applications from individuals, companies or public or private organizations. Studies may include compilations, lists, newsletters and specific reports, and the person or organization must bear any real or estimated costs. SF 1199A – Registration form for direct deposits – Revised – 11/2/2020 (4) Framework Agreement on the model of intergovernmental cooperation agreement, which includes requests from national or local governments for statistical and other studies and compilations, development projects, training, surveys, reports and documents in which the state or local government pays for all identifiable costs. SF 122A – Transfer Order Excess Personal Property (Continuation Sheet) – Created – 17.11.2020 GSA Forms (GSA) Here is a list of all GSA forms. These are most used by GSA employees, contractors and customers. DE 3667 – Request for upstream transportation benefits – Review – 5.11.2020 (3) The joint project modelling agreement involves a fair sharing of costs with a public or non-profit organization in a matter of common interest. The project must be essential to the promotion of the division`s programmes and could not be implemented more effectively without the cooperation of the other organization. The GSA Forms library contains the following forms and views: .