Nabers Assessor Agreement

We encourage excellence in building planning and commissioning by offering developers and tenants the opportunity to sign an Energy Commitment Agreement. The agreement applies to new or renovated office buildings and leases. We work with industry to ensure that stakeholders are informed and consulted on program developments. We have a well-established stakeholder consultation policy and regular sector consultations with our Stakeholder Advisory Committee, auditors and assessors and other targeted sector representatives. We also conduct public consultations. NABERS assessments are based on verified operating data such as electricity bills and on-site measurements. The assessments reflect the environmental impact of the building that has been in operation for more than a year and are renewed each year. They provide the market with a common language to understand and evaluate performance and set energy efficiency/resource utilization targets. The NABERS Rating Auditing Procedure V.5 significantly improves the quality assurance and continuous improvement process of our program. In 2016/2017, NABERS conducted three consultation processes with industry and/or NABERS assessors on the following topics: developing new tools for the appropriate building sectors, taking into account the potential environmental benefits, market potential and technical feasibility of a NABERS environmental performance instrument for this sector. Compensation for assessors, which must be subject to NABERS Level 2 audit assessments, is used by property owners, managers and tenants across Australia to understand, manage and promote their sustainability performance.

They provide credible information on the environmental performance of office and rental buildings, shopping malls, hotels and data centres. There are assessments on energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management and space quality. Our reviews use a six-star rating scale in which a star reflects poor performance and six stars in the lead. For more information on our tool development activities in 2016/2017, click On Successes – Innovation. 10 assessors have completed training to expand their accreditation in order to conduct mall assessments. Clarification of the various stages of the Right to Answer stage In 2016/2017, the results of The Level 2 audits continued to identify areas that could improve our rules, processes and procedures and the NABERS Rate software application. Clarifying deadlines at various stages of the audit process In 2016/2017, we accredited 74 new NABERS assessors. In 2016/17, two new companies acquired a NABERS Equipped license and two companies renewed their licenses. In order to ensure the reliability and integrity of credit ratings, we regularly conduct two audits for ratings. A Level 1 audit is conducted at 100% of the evaluations to ensure that the relevant data has been properly entered, and the rules for data collection and use have been applied. As of June 30, 2017, we had a total of 595 NABERS Accredited Assessors (including 85 accredited assessors to provide shopping centre reviews and 36 accredited to provide data center assessments).