Rco Collective Agreement

Immediate payment of severance pay on the basis of the wage rate in effect on the day the collective agreement was signed; The rest days of this agreement are valid only for one week during which the worker has worked five (5) days and at least thirty-seven decimal hours (37.5); The purpose of this memorandum is to bring into force the agreement between the National Research of Canada and the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada on language revision under the RO/RCO collective agreement. 28.02 NJC points that may be included in a collective agreement are the points that the parties to the NJC agreements have designated as such or on which the President of the Public Service Labour Relations Board ruled pursuant to (c) the NJC agreement that came into force on December 6, 1978. 5.01 The parties agree that in the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation of a clause or section of this Agreement, it is desirable that the parties meet within a reasonable time and attempt to resolve the issue. The provisions of this section do not prevent workers from resorting to the appeal procedure provided for by this agreement. 28.01 Subject to Section 1.3 of Annex „E“ of the National Statutes of the Council, Agreements reached by the National Joint Council of the Public Service on matters that may be entered into a collective agreement and approved by the parties to this agreement after December 6, 1978 will form part of this collective agreement, subject to the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) and any legislation of Parliament that has been or may be established in accordance with Section 113 (b) of the PSLRA. In the event of alleged misinterpretation or misapsed under agreements of the National Joint Council (NJC) of the Public Service on matters that may be included in a collective agreement and approved by the parties to this agreement, the appeal procedure will be in accordance with the NJC-By-Laws. 30.04 By mutual agreement, the parties may use a mediator to resolve a complaint in relation to discrimination. The selection of the mediator is done by mutual agreement. We are pleased to inform you that the RO RCO collective agreement was signed by the employer and the Institute on August 9, 2018. All changes to the collective agreement will come into effect from that date. The employer now has 120 days from that signing date to implement the terms of the new agreement, including retroactive payment. 27.02 For greater security, payments under paragraphs 25.14 to 25.17 of Schedule B or other collective agreements are considered a termination benefit for the management of this clause. This payment is also included in the Labour Adjustment (CEF) calculations for the maximum total redundancy benefits to which an excess worker is entitled under the NRC CEF Directive.

33.03 The Commission agrees to provide each worker with a copy of the collective agreement and any changes to it. In order to meet the employer`s obligation under this clause, workers can access this agreement electronically.