Seek An Agreement

The company strives to obtain from any regulatory commission or agency responsible for the plan the power necessary to grant bonuses to the shares … All party agreements must now be sought on this side of the election for a new revision to examine what can be afforded and the type of training and equipment needed in light of the new scenario. If the company is required to obtain such common shares from a commission or agency to issue such common shares, the company will seek that authority. For three weeks, the authorities tried to reach an agreement within the framework of the dialogue, he said. In order to avoid any doubt, the parties acknowledge that neither the blocker nor the company attempts to execute such a contract to pay the reverse termination financing commission during the two(2) working days following such an order or in the event that the financial statements are concluded. … and the company, for which reasons, will not attempt to recover all or part of this payment from the executive or the person entitled to it. Once you catch who is really pulling the strings and where the real power base is, with whom you have to work, with whom you need to find out, who you need to ask for advice and approval, you can very, very well make these large organizations work very, very wooded. No party to this agreement can request a jury trial… When awarding these contracts, the advisor strives to get the best net price and the best execution for the fund … A senior Indian official says India has a legitimate interest because a Chinese „flowing knot“ strengthens its friends and trading partners around the South China Sea.

China`s maritime fixation underscores the appeal of at least reducing concerns about its land borders, which is the argument put forward by some in Beijing for seeking a controversial border deal. The equivalent in the language of the prohibition, the use should not seek or does not seek X, raises another question. Here are some examples of EDGAR: I suggest that in each of these examples, the party in question actually waives a right, so everyone should be reviewed to make it explicit. The test of whether to use an obligation to remedy a particular problem is whether recourse should be used in the event of an infringement in that context.